ActorX Importer for 3ds Max


ActorX Importer complements functionality of the Epic Games ActorX Exporter. Epic's plugin can export psk and psa files from 3ds Max, Maya and XSI. Plugin from this page has opposite functionality: you can load psk and psa files back to the 3ds Max (there is no versions for Maya and XSI).


  • loading psk and pskx meshes into 3ds Max
  • loading psa animations
  • automatic creation and assignment of materials produced by umodel
  • batch conversion of mesh/animation into max, fbx or ase format



Unzip distribution to your Max/Scripts folder. Execute this script from Max menu. Importer dialog window will appear.

ActorX Importer for 3ds MaxРазмер
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19 май, 2018 - 21:42
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Some video tutorial are available here

Announcements are posted on the forum here.

ActorX Exporter Plugin

Please note the difference between "Importer" (from this web page) and "Exporter". Importer script loads assets into 3ds Max, exporter - saves content as psk and psa files. Exporter was created by Epic Games and published on UDN. Exporter has a page on here, you may find an updated version there.

EpicGames ActorX for 3ds Max/Maya 2012-2016Размер
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20 январь, 2019 - 00:34
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ActorX Importer Changelog

    19.05.2018 v1.36
    - using case-insensitive comparison when finding bones in scene for animation

    06.12.2017 v1.35
    - an attempt to make smoothing groups working
    - renamed "recurse" option to "look in subfolders" to be less confising to new users

    16.10.2017 v1.34
    - added possibility to select and open multiple psk files at time

    21.07.2015 v1.33
    - saving bind pose information inside bone objects, this information will survive saving scene
      to a max file

    18.07.2015 v1.32
    - allowing psa import to work with any mesh, i.e. without previously imported psk file

    14.07.2015 v1.31
    - trying to detect and repair bad vertex weights for imported psk file

    01.02.2015 v1.30
    - added animation import option "import at slider position"
    - integrated patch by Ayrshi (,1925.0.html) intended to
      improve mesh normals

    02.12.2014 v1.29
    - ActorX Imported now could be bound to toolbar, keyboard or menu - use "Customize user interface",
      category "Gildor Tools", and then use "ActorX Importer" as you like
    - reordered controls, separated some options to own rollouts for easy reordering etc
    - preserving dialog position, scroll position and rollout "open" state during 3ds Max session (until
      Max closed)

    28.11.2014 v1.28
    - added "mesh translation" options to settings
    - "advanced settings" are not stored to the ini file anymore

    16.12.2013 v1.27
    - added option "Don't conjugate root bone"

    10.06.2012 v1.26
    - stability improvements
      more info: MaxScript documentation, "Do not use return, break, exit or continue"

    02.06.2012 v1.25
    - fixed Max 2013 support; fix made by sunnydavis, check,1408.0.html for details

    18.02.2012 v1.24
    - fixed parsing psa config file with spaces in track names

    07.02.2012 v1.23
    - support for extra UV sets stored in standard psk format (ActorX 2010)

    23.01.2012 v1.22
    - fixed automatic loading of DDS textures for materials

    06.12.2011 v1.21
    - fixed "translation mode" checkbox to work with psa without config file

    01.12.2011 v1.20
    - implemented loading of DDS textures

    26.11.2011 v1.19
    - implemented support for loading pskx files with more than 64k vertices
    - added option to control behaviour of animation with rotation-only tracks: you can let AnimSet
      to decide which bones will use animated translation, you can force to use translation from the
      animation (old, pre-1.18 behaviour) or force to not use animated translation at all; the option
      is located in "Animation import" group

    09.11.2011 v1.18
    - implemented support for animation tracks without translation keys
    - reading extended psa information from the .config file, removed psax ANIMFLAGS section support

    06.11.2011 v1.17
    - eliminated error messages when loading psk or psa file with unknown section name (SCALEKEYS etc)
    - implemented support for pskx with 2 or more UV channels

    03.05.2011 v1.16
    - improved animation cleanup

    01.01.2011 v1.15
    - workaround for loading animation with the root bone name different than mesh root bone
    - removed "Load confirmation" setting (not needed anymore because of functional "batch export")

    29.12.2010 v1.14
    - added "Batch export" tool

    22.12.2010 v1.13
    - mesh rotation formula is now identical to used in UnrealEd
    - added "Clear scene" tool

    15.12.2010 v1.12
    - added mesh rotation settings
    - added protection from errors appeared when updating this script while 3ds Max is running

    09.09.2010 v1.11
    - added "reorient bones" option

    23.07.2010 v1.10
    - implemented extended ActorX format (pskx and psax) support
    - "tools" rollout with options to restore mesh bindpose and remove animations

    24.04.2010 v1.09
    - applying normalmap using correct technique (previously was a bumpmap)

    14.04.2010 v1.08
    - fixed loading of psk files with root bone parent set to -1 (usually it is 0)

    20.02.2010 v1.07
    - added "Load confirmation" setting to display message box after completion of operation
    - added "Reposition existing bones" option
    - fixed error when loading .mat files with missing textures

    12.12.2009 v1.06
    - fixed merging meshes on a single skeleton when previously loaded mesh is not in bind
    - improved compatibility with Epic's ActorX Exporter (dropping trailing spaces from
      bone names)

    18.09.2009 v1.05
    - implemented materal loading
    - fixing duplicate bone names

    29.09.2009 v1.04
    - implemented support for loading non-skeletal (static) meshes

    26.09.2009 v1.03
    - fixed bug with interpolation between first two animation keyframes
    - option to fix animation looping (duplicate first animation frame after last frame)
    - added button to load all animations from psa file
    - progress bar for loading animation with "cancel" capabilities
    - option to not load mesh skin (load skeleton only)
    - storing last used directory separately for psk and psa

    25.09.2009 v1.02
    - added option to scale mesh and animations when loading
    - added options for texture search (path, recursive search)
    - added option to ask for missing texture files when mesh is loading

    24.09.2009 v1.01
    - fixed bug in a vertex weighting code
    - saving settings to ActorXImporter.ini (Max 9 and higher)
    - saving last used psk/psa directory
    - settings to change bone size for a new mesh

    22.09.2009 v1.00
    - first public release